Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is an alarm system that monitors items passing through your exit that have not been checked by the cashier. Once an Item passes through that has not been deactivated at the relevant till point an alarm sounds alerting security to investigate the person walking out with the item. This system works off a special tag that is strategically placed on the item and is then removed from the item with a specific tool when the item has been paid for. These tags are extremely difficult to remove off the item with out the correct tools. Having a secure system like this in place will help prevent your stock from walking out the door with out being rung up and paid for. An EAS system is best suited for any retail store with high stock volumes.

It is important to know that there is several brands of EAS in the South African market today, and it is very important to know the product you are buying into as many of these products are cheaply produced and are inferior quality. We pride ourselves in using only the best technologies available today in South Africa. Our product is so good you will see it sitting at the front door of many large retail stores.