CCTV Rentals

​CCTV Rentals is fast becoming the way to go in todays corporate environment. Renting a CCTV system has many great advantages to your business. In todays times it is vital to secure your assets in the best possible way.


  • Tax Advantages

    A rental is considered as an operating expense and is therefore fully tax deductible.

  • Saving Your Working Capital

    There is no need to outlay working capital on rapidly depreciating items.

  • The Ability To Upgrade To The Latest Technologies

    Office technology can become obsolete very rabidly due to fast technological advancements, a CCTV rental allows you to upgrade to the latest technology without taking large capital losses.

  • Off Balance Sheet financing

    CCTV rentals are an operating expenses and thus do not affect the key ratios and metrics of an organizations balance sheet


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